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Desirable human resources of WONST

Personnel system

WONST pursues a fair personnel system.
Focusing on the essential value - cultivation of human resources, which is a core part of a company --, we have carried out our personnel system so as to develop our employees into a real WONST man who can provide true service for our customers in a creative and active way.
  • Customer oriented Human resources who understand customers in the customers position and communicate with them in an active way.
  • Pride and passion Human resources who has pride as a member of the organization and passion on their work based on the company's strategy.
  • Confidence and harmony Human resources who cooperate and create synergy effect actively based on open mind and confidence in their colleagues.
  • Global capacity Human resources who can achieve the purpose of developing and innovating global mind and capacity.
  • Challenge and innovation Human resources who can continue to study and maximize value based on thorough professionalism and passion.
  • Domestic Sales Department
    T +82-31-370-6428
    F +82-31-352-7380
  • Overseas Sales Department
    T +82-2-855-8484
    F +82-2-855-0031

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